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Viewfind, promising but flawed?

With the apparent demise of Demotix many photographers of news are looking for a new agency or library. Viewfind looks like an interesting model but there is a major reservations.

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Creating a monopoly

Corbis sold. Getty and Visual China Group expand

As rumoured Corbis Images and related business have been sold and the entertainment adverting and representation business is being rebranded. Visual China Group (VCG) has acquired the assets of Corbis Images through their affiliate, Unity Glory.

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End of the mega-photolibrary? Corbis breaking up?

Back in November 2016 we commented on Bloomberg's report of major strategic changes being planned at Corbis. According to a brief teaser by Jim Pickerell on those changes are imminent, and seem wider ranging than most would have expected. Time will tell.

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Capture One Pro 9 logo

Capture One Pro 9 service release 9.0.1

Phase One have today (17 December 2015) released a service update for their latest version of Capture One Pro. This is mostly a bug fix release, most notably to address the memory leakage when working with Canon cameras and several other bugs that caused the software to crash.

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Fuji X-T1 with 18-55mm zoom lens

New firmware 4.2 for Fuji X-T1 released

New firmware for the Fuji X-T1 has been released today, 17 December 2015. This was promised, then the notice was withdrawn almost immediately. It became a possibility again earlier in the week.

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Capture One Pro 8 logo

Capture One Pro 9 released

A new chargeable upgrade of Capture One Pro, version 9, was released today, 30 November 2015. This ninth iteration of Capture One Pro is a major upgrade with many new features and many of the tools appear to have been redeveloped or enhanced.

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Offering small change

Corbis takes stock

According to a report by Bloomberg News Corbis Corp (owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates) is proposing to restructure the company and adopt a new business strategy. Apparently this is due to an accelerated decline in photo-licencing business, the downturn in which started in mid-2014.

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