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Being professional, preparation and planning

I accept I had become too casual about my photography, and it was brought home to me covering recent news events. Carefree was fine when it was an occasional exercise, now, with my writing, it is my principal way of life. I have to be much more professional if it is going to pay its way.

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It is not always difficult to engage and get permission! PG3100176

Photographers—are we shy, lazy or unimaginative?

In a recent podcast Brookes Jenson, editor of "Lenswork"—the art photography magazine, discussed his analysis of submissions to its photo-art book project which showed that the most popular subject, by far, were of mannequins and abandoned places. He asked whether photographers were generally shy, or I would ask lazy or unimaginative? It got me wondering if similar was true of stock photography.

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Life's work - LC240002

Style, discomfort and the life's journey. Damien Lovegrove on photography

Here on M-dash I have often written on the importance of style and talking control of one's photography, one's life and career. It is important to be different, to be one's self; not simply replicating the sort of images others have found successful, or indeed trying to repeats one's own previous success.

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Getting to the source of news and stories

My challenge now is finding news and other stories for both my photography and writing. I need to rebuild my network of both news sources and potential clients. I hope readers will be able to help.

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Viewfind, front page

Viewfind, promising but flawed?

With the apparent demise of Demotix many photographers of news are looking for a new agency or library. Viewfind looks like an interesting model but there is a major reservations.

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Build on previous success

Business start-up. Photography and writing

Time to get started. With the new year has come some decisions. I now have a strategy for my relaunched photographic business. It is definitely a case of out with the old (approach) and in with the new.

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Creating a monopoly

Corbis sold. Getty and Visual China Group expand

As rumoured Corbis Images and related business have been sold and the entertainment adverting and representation business is being rebranded. Visual China Group (VCG) has acquired the assets of Corbis Images through their affiliate, Unity Glory.

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End of the mega-photolibrary? Corbis breaking up?

Back in November 2016 we commented on Bloomberg's report of major strategic changes being planned at Corbis. According to a brief teaser by Jim Pickerell on those changes are imminent, and seem wider ranging than most would have expected. Time will tell.

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Honfleur dreaming

New Year and a new start

Happy New Year to all our readers; you both know who you are! After taking a sabbatical during 2015 it is time for me to ramp up the effort on my photography and writing. It is time to get all those new projects and ideas moving.

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Blowing own trumpet. The Gorgeous Chans

Time for new thinking. Blow your own horn!

The advent of digital photography on top of the earlier birth of the Internet created an epoch, it heralded a new era. It will be both liberating and challenging at the same time; once we come to accept that the world of freelance photography has changed, and understand what those changes mean. We will indeed need to blow our own horn!

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