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Creating a monopoly

Corbis sold. Getty and Visual China Group expand

As rumoured Corbis Images and related business have been sold and the entertainment adverting and representation business is being rebranded. Visual China Group (VCG) has acquired the assets of Corbis Images through their affiliate, Unity Glory.

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Thumbnails of images

Crisis of Proliferation

In 1976 the French thinker, Jacques Attali, identified a looming problem for music and musicians; that he called the "crisis of proliferation". It was prescient but the music industry is only recently begun to properly acknowledge the problem. Arguably the same is true in other fields including photography.

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Offering small change

Corbis takes stock

According to a report by Bloomberg News Corbis Corp (owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates) is proposing to restructure the company and adopt a new business strategy. Apparently this is due to an accelerated decline in photo-licencing business, the downturn in which started in mid-2014.

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Playing games, Monopoly

Why game the library system?

I have been reading comments on various stock photography forums and I am troubled, and relieved. Troubled that so many people who are trying to licence their images through libraries, especially crowd sourced, seem most focused on gaming their libraries' ranking systems. On the other hand I am relieved.

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More accurate targeting

Are picture libraries an effective use of time?

Do we photographers really use our time effectively, is our effort well targeted? As a result of falling sales and fees I have taken a long hard look at my business practice. It has not been pretty.

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