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White water canoeing, Fuji X-T2 - PJ020028

Slow start with the Fuji X-T2, first impressions

I picked up my pre-ordered Fuji X-T2 the morning they went on sale. Unfortunately I put my back out the same day; no the X-T2 is not that heavy! But the back problem meant I struggled to walk, sit or even drive for nearly a month so I was largely limited to snapshot mode with my new toy.

sport, Fuji X, compact system camera, mirrorless, Fuji X-T2
English Defence League march, Nottingham - PH060098

Completing the transition to Fuji X system

As far as my equipment is concerned I am in the final stages of transition to just using a Fuji X system. I have sold my extensive Canon kit; the money from that sale is now waiting for the arrival of Fuji X-T2s and some accessories that I have on order.

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Ship-board photography - PE05008

Photography on board ship, avoiding sea-sick images

I recently spent a pleasant week on a small ship, actually a working boat, enjoying a cruise along the Norwegian fjords. Another photographer raised the question about getting a steady platform for a camera on a moving ship.

stability, hand-holding, motion, camera-shake
It is not always difficult to engage and get permission! PG3100176

Photographers—are we shy, lazy or unimaginative?

In a recent podcast Brookes Jenson, editor of "Lenswork"—the art photography magazine, discussed his analysis of submissions to its photo-art book project which showed that the most popular subject, by far, were of mannequins and abandoned places. He asked whether photographers were generally shy, or I would ask lazy or unimaginative? It got me wondering if similar was true of stock photography.

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Fuji X-T1, wear and tear - PH010002

Launch of the Fuji X-T2, timely, patience needed

I am very happy with the Fuji X-T1, it does almost everything I need from a camera. So it works hard and I could really do with a second body for some jobs and as a backup. So I keep hanging my nose over an X-Pro2 even though I have an X-T2 on order

Fuji X-T1, Fuji X-T2, mirrorless, compact system camera, Fuji X
Wholeheartedly Fuji X

I am now purely a Fuji photographer. Everything else is gone.

All my none-Fuji cameras, lenses and accessories have gone; I have acted on my decision of a few weeks ago. It has all been packed up and sent for sale on commission. All 40kg (90lb)of it!

Fuji X, mirrorless, compact system camera, camera system
Editing workstation

My view on megapixels has changed

I recently asked 'How many pixels are enough', that was about camera specifications and the requirements to make effective use of the resulting image files. I concluded that quite a modest specification by current standards, 16Mpixel, was more than enough for most professional purposes.

French Patisserie, 4Mpixel - 69AC0777/2002

How many pixels are enough?

As I reshape my photography direction I have been prompted to think about what I need from my camera. The launch of the 40-50Mpixel Canon and Sony camera bodies has generated a new question—do I need that many pixels?

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Camera shrine

Trust your own judgement, not the equipment fundamentalists.

Writing for this site means I read a lot of other articles, and associated comments, on blogs and other sites. I have been struck by the fervent brand loyalty I often see. It seems that for many photographers their choice of camera is an act of faith, bordering on the fundamentally religious in its intensity.

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Canon 1Ds3 and Fuji X-T1 basic outfit

No going back. Switching to Fuji X.

I have taken the decision; I am about to commit to the Fuji X system. I am going to sell my comprehensive Canon kit and use the proceeds to complete my Fuji outfit. As regular readers will know I have been grappling with this decision for more than a year.

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