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USS Constellation

The sailing ship effect and DSLRS

The times they are a'changing. The dominant camera technology of the last fifty or more years is being challenged. Digital photography means the single lens reflex (SLR) camera is facing the prospect of being replaced by mirrorless system cameras or even, for many users, by the smartphone.

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Capture One Pro 8 logo

Capture One Pro 9 released

A new chargeable upgrade of Capture One Pro, version 9, was released today, 30 November 2015. This ninth iteration of Capture One Pro is a major upgrade with many new features and many of the tools appear to have been redeveloped or enhanced.

software, raw converter, post production, Capture One
Bruce Gilden, Face, Professional Photography magazine

Rethinking Bruce Gilden's 'Face'

My original reaction to Bruce Gilden's latest work 'Face' was negative. Like many I disliked it and felt it was exploitative or even dehumanising. But as I wrote on a Facebook group "To be creative it is necessary to view work that you do not like, or even causes discomfort. Let yourself be challenged"

Fuji X-T1 with 18-55mm zoom lens

First year with Fuji X system

It was late spring 2013, I had made my decision and bought a Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm kit lens. I would now start on a long term evaluation to establish whether the Fuji system could replace my excellent, but too heavy, professional Canon outfit.

Fuji X-T1, Fuji X, camera, review, mirrorless, compact system camera, CSC
PC synch socket on Fuji X-T1

Why is a PC socket professional?

It has long been suggested that cameras for professional and enthusiast photographers should have a coaxial socket for flash. Why?

Canon 1Ds3 and Fuji X-T1 basic outfit

Changing systems: a big decision

I have only changed camera systems twice in my 45 years in photography and one of those was from Canon FD mount to the Canon EOS system with autofocus. I share the reason behind my current change and the decision making process.

camera system, Fuji X, mirrorless, camera, compact system camera
Import GPS log from smartphone using PhotoMechanic

Adding GPS coordinates, an inexpensive solution

GPS data loggers for camera systems are expensive but there is an inexpensive solution sitting in your pocket or handbag. Use your smartphone as a data logger to add GPS coordinates to your pictures.

GPS, geotagging, location
Shaped by War, Don McCullin

Shaped by War, Pictorial Biography of Don McCullin, book review

Shaped by War briefly explores Don McCullin's childhood and his experience in the Royal Air Force and the subsequent entry into a career in photojournalism. It then concentrates on his work and life in and around war, famine and disaster.

Book review, Don McCullin, photojournalism
The Arctic, Treasure of the North

The Arctic, Treasure of the North, book review

Not bad, just ordinary. In today’s image-rich world The Arctic, Treasure of the North simply does not stand comparison with the best of the coverage of the Arctic being produced by other photographers.

Book review, Bernd Römmelt, Thomas Henningsen, environment
Waiting for the Light, David Noton

Waiting for the Light by David Noton, book review

David Noton takes the reader through all the non-technical aspects of making pictures from having a vision, location scouting, practice, the importance of understanding light and its varied nature. It is about practice and patience.

Book review, David Noton


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