Counter demonstration, EDL March - PH060112

Being professional, preparation and planning

I accept I had become too casual about my photography, and it was brought home to me covering recent news events. Carefree was fine when it was an occasional exercise, now, with my writing, it is my principal way of life. I have to be much more professional if it is going to pay its way.

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Viewfind, front page

Viewfind, promising but flawed?

With the apparent demise of Demotix many photographers of news are looking for a new agency or library. Viewfind looks like an interesting model but there is a major reservations.

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Shaped by War, Don McCullin

Shaped by War, Pictorial Biography of Don McCullin, book review

Shaped by War briefly explores Don McCullin's childhood and his experience in the Royal Air Force and the subsequent entry into a career in photojournalism. It then concentrates on his work and life in and around war, famine and disaster.

Book review, Don McCullin, photojournalism

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