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Counter demonstration, EDL March - PH060112

Being professional, preparation and planning

I accept I had become too casual about my photography, and it was brought home to me covering recent news events. Carefree was fine when it was an occasional exercise, now, with my writing, it is my principal way of life. I have to be much more professional if it is going to pay its way.

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Life's work - LC240002

Style, discomfort and the life's journey. Damien Lovegrove on photography

Here on M-dash I have often written on the importance of style and talking control of one's photography, one's life and career. It is important to be different, to be one's self; not simply replicating the sort of images others have found successful, or indeed trying to repeats one's own previous success.

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Build on previous success

Business start-up. Photography and writing

Time to get started. With the new year has come some decisions. I now have a strategy for my relaunched photographic business. It is definitely a case of out with the old (approach) and in with the new.

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Honfleur dreaming

New Year and a new start

Happy New Year to all our readers; you both know who you are! After taking a sabbatical during 2015 it is time for me to ramp up the effort on my photography and writing. It is time to get all those new projects and ideas moving.

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Blowing own trumpet. The Gorgeous Chans

Time for new thinking. Blow your own horn!

The advent of digital photography on top of the earlier birth of the Internet created an epoch, it heralded a new era. It will be both liberating and challenging at the same time; once we come to accept that the world of freelance photography has changed, and understand what those changes mean. We will indeed need to blow our own horn!

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Testing the water

I find my style and need a new business plan

As I wrote in a previous article I have been grappling with finding a personal style. I reflected on the possibility, desirability and acceptability of personal style for freelance and especially stock photographers. I may be getting there.

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Sales are not the right choice for all businesses

To discount or not to discount

Winning new customers is always a challenge, but discounting and sales need to be used with care or they may backfire.

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Perhaps not all the extended family, but then there are friends as well ...

Involve family and friends in business planning

Starting and running a business rarely fits into a neat nine to five routine, so it will not affect just you but your family and friends as well. As you embark on an exciting new venture, make sure you have their support. They can make or break your dreams.

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More accurate targeting

Are picture libraries an effective use of time?

Do we photographers really use our time effectively, is our effort well targeted? As a result of falling sales and fees I have taken a long hard look at my business practice. It has not been pretty.

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Cash in the Hand

Understanding wages and profit

Many small business owners do not really understand the difference between wages and profits. Even a sole trader needs both. The televisions shows that claim to show how to make money from restoring houses, cars and furniture also fail to make the distinction.

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