Blowing own trumpet. The Gorgeous Chans

Time for new thinking. Blow your own horn!

The advent of digital photography on top of the earlier birth of the Internet created an epoch, it heralded a new era. It will be both liberating and challenging at the same time; once we come to accept that the world of freelance photography has changed, and understand what those changes mean. We will indeed need to blow our own horn!

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Crisis of Proliferation

In 1976 the French thinker, Jacques Attali, identified a looming problem for music and musicians; that he called the "crisis of proliferation". It was prescient but the music industry is only recently begun to properly acknowledge the problem. Arguably the same is true in other fields including photography.

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Sales are not the right choice for all businesses

To discount or not to discount

Winning new customers is always a challenge, but discounting and sales need to be used with care or they may backfire.

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