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Style, discomfort and the life's journey. Damien Lovegrove on photography

Here on M-dash I have often written on the importance of style and talking control of one's photography, one's life and career. It is important to be different, to be one's self; not simply replicating the sort of images others have found successful, or indeed trying to repeats one's own previous success.

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Testing the water

I find my style and need a new business plan

As I wrote in a previous article I have been grappling with finding a personal style. I reflected on the possibility, desirability and acceptability of personal style for freelance and especially stock photographers. I may be getting there.

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Honfleur harbour

Is a personal style important?

I have been pondering this question as I work on my new photographic vision and business plan. I sense that apart from variations in composition and lighting few if any editorial or general stock pictures exhibit any discernible personal style that could lead a viewer to attribute any given picture to a particular photographer.

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