Capture One Pro 9 released

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A new chargeable upgrade of Capture One Pro, version 9, was released by PhaseOne today, 30 November 2015. This ninth iteration of Capture One Pro is a major upgrade with many new features and many of the tools appear to have been redeveloped, enhanced and possibly reengineered with new algorithms.

New tools in Capture One Pro 9 include:

  • Keyword and keyword libraries tools, with sortable keywords
  • Scalable colour editor
  • Contrast engine
  • Re-scaling engine
  • Local adjustment curves
  • Luma curves, also scalable

Additional functionality is provided for masking tools, brushes and exporting package files to facilitate collaboration.

The paid upgrade for a single user licence is €99 for the upgrade from version 7 or 8 of Capture One Pro, or €279 from Capture One Express 7. A full version for new users is €279. The single user licence now includes three rather than two activations, typically for desktop, laptop and a backup laptop. A subscription is available at €12 per month for the single user licence. A thirty day trial licence is available.

The description suggests that there has been an extensive redevelopment of much of the core application which hopefully will both have improved processing speed as well as improving on the already high quality output. As we are users of Capture One Pro 8 here at M-dash we will be evaluating version 9 over the next few weeks and will provide a more considered review when we have used it seriously.

Read more about Capture One Pro 9 at the Phase One web site

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