Launch of the Fuji X-T2, timely, patience needed

Fuji X-T1, wear and tear - PH010002

I am very happy with the Fuji X-T1, it does almost everything I need from a camera. So it works hard and I could really do with a second body for some jobs and as a backup. So I keep hanging my nose over an X-Pro2 even though I have an X-T2 on order

My X-T1 has never let me down but it is showing signs of wear. I  am not particularly concerned about the rub marks on the exposed metal work. They only reduce its trade-in or resale value, they do not affect its functionality. So I will just keep it when my X-T2(s) arrive in September, after all it is still as capable as when I bought it two years ago. However my X-T1 is suffering with common problems: the bowed connector door and failed seal on the card slot which make it less than water resistant, the covering is spreading and coming away on the back around the thumbgrip.  I am phlegmatic about these issues, my camera works hard, it is a tool and not an item of jewellery so I expect to have to maintain it from time to time. It will go in for a proper service once the X-T2 arrives. However it would be valuable if Fuji had a scheme similar to the Canon Professional Network of which I was a long time member when I had my Canon outfit, now sold and the money is waiting to pay for my X-T2(s). It meant I got a rapid turnaround when I needed repairs or a service although I never did take advantage of the loan of equipment, I would now that I am shooting news more actively. With the launch of the second generation X system flagships more professionals will be using Fuji, especially those photographers who value a lighter and less bulky system. My neck loves Fuji, especially after Canon!

As I am now back shooting local news a second Fuji body would make life a lot easier. I am regretting getting rid of my X-E1 as it would have filled the gap. I sold it because I was concerned that it would cease to be fully compatible with the newer high-specification lenses, so I sold it while it still had a reasonable value. I appreciate that Fuji is an exemplar for customer focussed kaizen with its commitment to firmware updates even for discontinued products. But my concern was that it could not continue indefinitely when Fuji has multiple generations of equipment out in the field. It will be something to watch as my cameras age. They have to earn their existence so I guess I will stick it with the latest, and previous generation, and sell anything older.

I have several times come close to buying an X-Pro2, either used, or refurbished by Fuji, but it is not really the right camera for me. I need the articulated screen for low and high angle shots and the complexity of the hybrid viewfinder would be wasted on me, and an unnecessary cost, as much of the time I shoot with zooms and frequently long ones.  I would love an X-Pro2, though, for my occasional use of shorter primes, but I know I can't justify it from a business point of view. I will perhaps get one to play with when the used prices come down rather more.

In the meantime I will have to be patient and get by with what I have. After all the X-T2 is expected in only a few weeks and I will be somewhere close to the front of the queue for an early delivery. My local dealer has even taken the precaution of putting a second body on order for me. I think the guys at London Camera Exchange in Nottingham are beginning to know me rather too well!

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