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Is a personal style important?

I have been pondering this question as I work on my new photographic vision and business plan. I sense that apart from variations in composition and lighting few if any editorial or general stock pictures exhibit any discernible personal style that could lead a viewer to attribute any given picture to a particular photographer.

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Time Masthead, May 2015

Story of 2015 Baltimore riots' Time cover

Sometimes a story makes one sit up and think. Like most photographers I had seen the Time cover above many times but did not know the story behind May the redemptive power and influence of photography, and all the creative arts, continue.

Determination, speed and agility

Success is all about determination, speed and agility

The aim for is to be flexible, dynamic and have a sense of fun by sharing a passion for photography, and the business of photography. That needs an agile approach which is why we have launched with a small but complete platform. More content will come quickly

"Scallop", Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

Why the revamp?

I had been planning to relaunch M-dash this winter but I have been forced to replace it earlier after it was subject to a spam attack. It had been neglected for too long so this revamp was well overdue.

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