Why the revamp?

"Scallop", Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

I had been planning to relaunch M-dash this winter but I have been forced to replace it earlier after it was subject to a spam attack. The site had been in decline for some time due to the loss of third-party services that supported it and changes in my business priorities. It had been neglected for too long so this revamp was well overdue.

I have taken almost a year out to reconsider my strategy and to understand the changing face of the market for freelance photography (and writing). I had not been enjoying what I was doing and there was not the compensation of a worthwhile income. But there will be more on that under the business tab where I have been Taking stock. I will be sharing my thinking and findings on the business of photography as I develop and implement my new business plan. It means I will be combining my experience as a management consultant and passion for business with my longstanding love of photography.

[node:field_headline]I took a year out and concentrated on rediscovering my photographic mojo; I had come close to giving up. I have been sharing some of that over on my personal portfolio site MartinPWilson.com. Since the start of the summer I have been shooting a personal project Sixty-five by Sixty-five (or 65x65) which has helped me understand my photographic motivation. That site is purely about my photography and thoughts on photography theory and history.

On the other hand, this site, M-dash.com, has more commercial aspirations as a magazine and eventually as a library and marketplace for my work. But the primary objective is to have fun while doing a bit of business; hopefully with the global community of like-minded photographers with whom I am privileged to share thoughts and ideas. Life is too short not to enjoy what one is doing day to day.

I have deliberately launched this new site early, even though it is rather light on content. First I wanted to repair the damage done by the spam attack and rebuild its standing on Google and other search engines as soon as possible. Also my ideas are developing all the time as I plan my photographic future (bear in mind this rebuild was a little premature). I am conscious that the market is very dynamic so being too rigid about my future direction would risk closing off opportunities. Finally I am hoping that M-dash will develop a community so that readers will inform its direction. To that end I hope to add forums once I have the foundations complete. In the meantime please feel free to add comments or email editor@m-dash.com.

There will be a lot happening over the next weeks, months and beyond; it should be worth bookmarking the site. Initially at least, I plan to post several pieces a week as I try to make up for lost time.

Best wishes

Martin Wilson

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