Success is all about determination, speed and agility

Determination, speed and agility

The aim for  is to be flexible, dynamic and  have a sense of fun by sharing a passion for photography, and the business of photography. That needs an agile approach which is why we have launched with a small but complete platform. More content will come quickly

The scope and capability of the site will develop steadily as we learn what visitors want and enjoy. So the site has been launched as a minimum viable product - an agile development term for a limited but complete standalone solution. As I said in my previous blog post it was important to get something usable live to keep the search engines happy.

Now the basic framework is in place can develop incrementally by adding new small but complete elements. The main large components I will need to build are a library to showcase my stock photography and to support customers. There will also need to be a shop to sell my artwork and décor prints as they are developed. Indeed a broader ecommerce solution will cut across all ad-hoc sales, as opposed to commissioned and assignment work.

In these challenging times for photographers wanting to build a business flexibility and agility in their think and approach to the market will be fundamental. will have to adopt the same approach both to its business and to helping its community of readers find their own way. So we will be showing determination, speed and agility to their best of our ability.

So, just as important, I will also be taking a similar approach to building content. The aim is to build a useful resource for photographers looking to improve their picture making skills and their approach to the business of photography. Photographers aim to be creative in their picture making but then argue they are not good at business. In these challenging times they cannot succeed with such an approach; creative people equally need to bring their creative skills to bear on the business aspects if they want to succeed. M-dash hopes to help show the way and bring fun to the journey.

If I can encourage a community to develop I hope that it will help me build the content. I will be very interested in discussing relevant guest blog ideas from accomplished photographers who are also writers.

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