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More accurate targeting

Do we photographers really use our time effectively, is our effort well targeted? As a result of falling sales and... more

Determination, speed and agility

The aim for M-dash.com is to be flexible, dynamic and have a sense of fun by sharing a passion for photography,... more

Cash in the Hand

Many small business owners do not really understand the difference between wages and profits. Even a sole trader... more

"Scallop", Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

I had been planning to relaunch M-dash this winter but I have been forced to replace it earlier after it was subject... more

The market for stock photograph seems to have been in decline for many years. Most photographers with whom I... more

Shaped by War, Don McCullin

Shaped by War briefly explores Don McCullin's childhood and his experience in the Royal Air Force and the subsequent... more

The Arctic, Treasure of the North

Not bad, just ordinary. In today’s image-rich world The Arctic, Treasure of the North simply does not stand... more

Waiting for the Light, David Noton

David Noton takes the reader through all the non-technical aspects of making pictures from having a vision, location... more

Exposures by Jane Bown

Having a simple and reliable technique enabled Jane Bown to concentrate on the image and she built a reputation for... more

Southern Frontiers by Don McCullin - Book Review

Souther Frontiers is major departure by Don McCullin from the coverage of conflict and famine with which he is most... more


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