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The Journey

I established that the Fuji X series would meet most of my photography needs in my last post on the subject. I was... more

USS Constellation

The times they are a'changing. The dominant camera technology of the last fifty or more years is being challenged.... more

Capture One Pro 8 logo

A new chargeable upgrade of Capture One Pro, version 9, was released today, 30 November 2015. This ninth iteration... more

Offering small change

According to a report by Bloomberg News Corbis Corp (owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates) is proposing to... more

Bruce Gilden, Face, Professional Photography magazine

My original reaction to Bruce Gilden's latest work 'Face' was negative. Like many I disliked it and felt it was... more

Playing games, Monopoly

I have been reading comments on various stock photography forums and I am troubled, and relieved. Troubled that so... more

Fuji X-T1 with 18-55mm zoom lens

It was late spring 2013, I had made my decision and bought a Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm kit lens. I would now start on a... more

PC synch socket on Fuji X-T1

It has long been suggested that cameras for professional and enthusiast photographers should have a coaxial socket... more

Canon 1Ds3 and Fuji X-T1 basic outfit

I have only changed camera systems twice in my 45 years in photography and one of those was from Canon FD mount to... more

Import GPS log from smartphone using PhotoMechanic

GPS data loggers for camera systems are expensive but there is an inexpensive solution sitting in your pocket or... more

Testing the water

As I wrote in a previous article I have been grappling with finding a personal style. I reflected on the possibility... more

Sales are not the right choice for all businesses

Winning new customers is always a challenge, but discounting and sales need to be used with care or they may... more

Perhaps not all the extended family, but then there are friends as well ...

Starting and running a business rarely fits into a neat nine to five routine, so it will not affect just you but... more

Honfleur harbour

I have been pondering this question as I work on my new photographic vision and business plan. I sense that apart... more

Time Masthead, May 2015

Sometimes a story makes one sit up and think. Like most photographers I had seen the Time cover above many times but... more


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