The Arctic, Treasure of the North, book review

The Arctic, Treasure of the North

Not Bad, Just Ordinary.

This is not a bad book by any means, far from it. In other times and places it would have been possible to be more fulsome in praise but by current standards it is just too ordinary. In today’s image-rich world this book simply does not stand comparison with the best of the coverage of the Arctic being produced by other photographers.

It also shows just how small the world has become when coverage of the wilderness can be mundane. Indeed, that is the danger Greenpeace is trying to fight. While not everyone will agree with Greenpeace’s tactics, more will approve of their aims. With a stronger storyline and presentation this book could have made their case for action much stronger. I really wanted to enjoy this book and be excited by it; it is a shame but for me it is an opportunity missed. I reviewed this book from a photography standpoint; those coming to it from, say, an enthusiasm or particular concern for environmental matters may view The Arctic, Treasure of the North differently.

The Arctic, Treasure of the North (2011, ISBN: 978-88-544-0636-0) by Bernd Römmelt and Thomas Henningsen in conjunction with Greenpeace is published by White Star Publishers as a large format hardback at £25

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