No going back. Switching to Fuji X.

Canon 1Ds3 and Fuji X-T1 basic outfit

I have taken the decision; I am about to commit to the Fuji X system. I am going to sell my comprehensive Canon kit and use the proceeds to complete my Fuji outfit. As regular readers will know I have been grappling with this decision for more than a year (Pros and cons of the Fuji X system).

The final decision came when I found myself smiling whenever I picked up the compact Fuji X-T1, especially with a small prime lens, as it sits so comfortably in my hand. I get the same pleasure as I did when I first started photography and used small manual focus film SLRs like the Canon AE1 and T90. The X-T1 just feels so right and the ergonomics so familiar that operation is second nature. I do not get that with my EOS-1Ds, or indeed any EOS camera. I have enjoyed them as they are effective tools but they do not inspire me to go and take pictures; they are too heavy, too bulky, merely wonderfully workmanlike.

I have been putting off the decision because of uncertainty about the suitability of Fuji autofocus for shooting sport. It is getting there, it is close and with the announcement of the X-Pro2 it appears that the new generation has better autofocus. It can be expected that will carry through to the successor of the X-T1 (X-T2 or whatever it is called), hopefully in the summer of 2016. My belief in a need for a camera for sport was a false constraint; I have hardly shot sport seriously, or used my Canon system at all, for eighteen months. The lighter Fuji means that I can now comfortably carry a complete kit, including a laptop for uploads, when shooting news.

Although my Canon kit is comprehensive, and although lightly used it is also aging as some of it is two generations old. So now is a good time to dispose of it while it still has some value. I will also clear out all sorts of other redundant kit like an old, well worn, Mamiya RB67 medium format camera, some Canon film cameras and accessories. I am planning to let someone else sell it on a commission basis, although the commission is a little higher than eBay and PayPal fees and I will not have to do anything once it is sent off.  The commssion should be compensated by a higher  price as the equipment will be sold with a warranty. In any case it should raise enough to allow me to complete my Fuji system with the new 100-400mm, teleconverter and probably the 90mm f2. There should be enough left for a couple of X-T2 bodies (I will trade the X-T1) when they are announced, perhaps a go anywhere X-100T (or its successor) and a new studio flash kit.

It is a complete break as there will be no going back. I will not be able to sell the Fuji system and replace it with a new Canon kit if things do not work out. I no longer have the income that I previously enjoyed; I do not see my photography and writing earnings replacing it. But I am doing what I want to do, it is a lifestyle choice with which I am extremely comfortable. I am happy to live in the here and now rather than worrying about the past or, indeed, what the future will bring. I will enjoy doing what satisfies me and if it brings an adequate income, so much the better.

It is a relief to have taken the decision, but after exactly forty happy years with Canon it is the time for a change. I believe that mirrorless is the future, Canon and Nikon have not yet embraced the new technology wholeheartedly. I can now stop looking backwards and concentrate on moving forward with new career plans. It is a good feeling to have also made decisions about going full time in my own way with my photography, and related matters, as well. I will write about that in a another post before too long. Time to live the dream.


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Simon (not verified) on Tue, 02/02/2016 - 22:16

yes I'm doing the same. 24 years with Canon, but fuji XT1 and XE1. My canon 1ds Nd 5d don't come out of the bag much at all. Fuji is lighter and you see what you get before taking the picture. It's made photography fun again.  Fuji are my go anywhere cameras. Holidays, or days out. I don't even feel any weight on my shoulder. Bliss. Oh and shooting JPEG is wonderful with fuji. I don't shoot raw now.

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Wayne Wilkins (not verified) on Wed, 03/02/2016 - 12:25

love your thoughts and reason I can and do associate with. I had to take time away from photography as my D3's with lenses was just too heavy after knee replacement, now I can enjoy with the XT10 and 3 XPro 1's primes lenses my photography. I hadn't quite reflexed back to there would be no turning back, because Fujifilm has to be my future and can't be resold. Enjoy.

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EA (not verified) on Sun, 07/02/2016 - 18:34

Made the switch late last year and couldn't be happier! Years of lugging around 1-series bodies are over. 

3 Fuji X-T1s and complete lens kit fit in a small backpack and can go anywhere without having to travel with a 50lb hard case.

Now the 100-400 lens is no compact ultralight, but compared to a 600/4 (giving up just one stop) it is! Fuji has a great lens system. 

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Martin P Wilson on Sun, 07/02/2016 - 21:45

Good to hear as most of my Canon gear (and a lot of other photo stuff) will be packed up and sent off for sale this week.

I share the delight. In a small backpack I can now carry a full news photography kit of two bodies, lenses covering equivalent of 15-300mm (420mm when 2xTC released),laptop and flash. I can carry it all day and I can work with the pack on my back. It will go as carry-on when I fly. I am looking forward to the 100-400mm but it will not be part of my everyday news or travel photography kit.

Just need to refine my technique for sport (and hopefully the X-T2 will be along soon to help) and I will be a very happy bunny.

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