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Counter demonstration, EDL March - PH060112

Being professional, preparation and planning

I accept I had become too casual about my photography, and it was brought home to me covering recent news events. Carefree was fine when it was an occasional exercise, now, with my writing, it is my principal way of life. I have to be much more professional if it is going to pay its way.

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English Defence League march, Nottingham - PH060098

As far as my equipment is concerned I am in the final stages of transition to just using a Fuji X system. I have... more

Ship-board photography - PE05008

I recently spent a pleasant week on a small ship, actually a working boat, enjoying a cruise along the Norwegian... more

It is not always difficult to engage and get permission! PG3100176

In a recent podcast Brookes Jenson, editor of "Lenswork"—the art photography magazine, discussed his analysis of... more

Fuji X-T1, wear and tear - PH010002

I am very happy with the Fuji X-T1, it does almost everything I need from a camera. So it works hard and I could... more

Teachers' strike, 2013 - MJ01007

As regular readers will know I am at an early stage of redeveloping my freelance photography and writing business... more

Life's work - LC240002

Here on M-dash I have often written on the importance of style and talking control of one's photography, one's life... more

Newspapers, in Sevilla - LJ14080

My challenge now is finding news and other stories for both my photography and writing. I need to rebuild my network... more

New start, back on track

As Easter approaches I am coming to the end of my sabbatical. I took a year off to properly understand the... more

Wholeheartedly Fuji X

All my none-Fuji cameras, lenses and accessories have gone; I have acted on my decision of a few weeks ago. It has... more

Editing workstation

I recently asked 'How many pixels are enough', that was about camera specifications and the requirements to make... more

French Patisserie, 4Mpixel - 69AC0777/2002

As I reshape my photography direction I have been prompted to think about what I need from my camera. The launch of... more

Camera shrine

Writing for this site means I read a lot of other articles, and associated comments, on blogs and other sites. I... more

Viewfind, front page

With the apparent demise of Demotix many photographers of news are looking for a new agency or library. Viewfind... more

Build on previous success

Time to get started. With the new year has come some decisions. I now have a strategy for my relaunched photographic... more

Canon 1Ds3 and Fuji X-T1 basic outfit

I have taken the decision; I am about to commit to the Fuji X system. I am going to sell my comprehensive Canon kit... more


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